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THEMA: Schilygesetz/Kunstaktion
ORT: Berlin
ZEIT: 06. Nov. 2001
BILDMAPPE: Ablage im Bildarchiv / 3423 \

Offener Brief der Aktionsgruppe an den Künstler Salgado

Dear Mr. Salgado,

today we have visited your exhibition “Migrations”, which is currently shown here in Berlin under the name ”Exodus”. We are a coalition, consisting of refugees from numerous different countries, all seeking asylum in Germany, and German political activists, concerned with the racism in this country. We have spent much of the year organising campaigns together against institutional racism as well as against racist structures in society.

Germany is currently debating a legislation on migration. The suggested legislation will allowed highly qualified intellectuals to stay in Germany as long as they are useful for German society. But for refugees it will mean several restrictions. On November 7, tomorrow, this legislation is supposed to pass through cabinet of the German parliament. As you have written we also believe, that few people do leave their places of home voluntarily, but are forced to by poverty, repression and war.

We visited your exhibition today and added pictures both of refugee struggles and refugee realities in Germany today. Hereford we invited press and tried to create awareness for the law, supposed to be passing tomorrow, as well as for the situation mentioned before. Our intend was not to criticise the exhibition, but to criticise the way of the German state to deal with refugees.

We were thrown out of the exhibition by the administration of the museum with the argument, that they want to remain apolitical (whatever that means...). They called the police and risked the arrest and potential deportation of thirty refugees and immigrants with uncertain status. This absurd scenario mirrors a reality of German society where civil society, if we include cultural institutions in civil society, does not stand up against racism if it is happening next door.

We are telling you about this incident because we are hoping for your support in this matter. In any case we would be interested in your opinion. Please feel free to contact us any time. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Brandenburg Refugee Initiative and Berlin Coalition against the Residential Restriction Law
Post adress: e-mail: Brandenburg Refugee Initiative h0444hjz@student.hu-berlin.de Eisenhartstrasse 13 14469 Potsdam Germany


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