Dear Friend,

A long time since we have been in touch. And despite a lot of positive response, we have received only two videoletters after the last call for entries. But we still find it fascinating to exchange our views on the present-day situation in different countries from a feminist perspective. So now we want to take the initiative and discuss how and in which form we could carry on with the women videoletters project.

We would like to ask you whether you are still interested in the women videoletters.

A possible third edition of the videoletters could focus on the so-called global crisis. What is our analysis of it from a feminist point of view? How are our everyday lives, on the one hand, connected with the crisis and a deterioration of social standards, and on the other hand, subjected to increasing militarization, control and surveillance? Which forms of violence are women and LGBTs confronted with in the current development? Which movements and which forms of resistance grow from that?

How to participate

Your videoletters should preferably be no longer than five minutes, as mini DV and with English subtitles.

After receiving your videoletters, we will put them on our website and compile a third issue of the Women Videoletters on DVD as soon as we have got enough entries for it.

We have also thought of initiating an e-mail-group to enable an immediate exchange on the project. There we could share our views on the current situation, our news about the work and projects that we are involved in. Please let us know whether you would like to be included in such a mailing list.

Anyway, we are really looking forward to hear from you. Please let us know (latest by the end of December), whether you would like to contribute a videoletter to the next edition. We will give you further details then. As a deadline for sending in the entries we chose February 2010.

Here, we find that there is a growing need for feminist perspectives from different parts of the world on the topic of War and Globalization. There will be an exhibition on Theatres of Peace (and not war) in Berlin next year, and the project of the Women Videoletters has also been invited to take part. Maybe the one or other could join us here to introduce the project in the context of the exhibition.

And please forward this call for videoletters to other women and LGBT video activists and invite them to join the project.


Affectionate regards from Berlin,

Christine, Goli, Grit and Tania


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