Call for contributions to the 1st edition of the Women Videoletters, autumn 2001


Videoletters from women: the second text on war

By the occasion of a meeting around video activism we, about ten women from different videoinitiatives - Majlis, Mumbai/India, Frauen-Lesben-Film-Collectif and clipclub, Berlin/Germany, Carole Roussopoulos, Sion/Switzerland - decided to develop a reaction on the recent political condition. We want to collect and publish critical commentaries from women of different decents and contexts.

Our interest is not to react towards the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon by any means, but to give a response on the response: on the United States, the European Union and their allies, who are planning war maneuvers and as well developing a multiplicity of innerpolitical measures like aggravations of border control or novel monitoring actions. It should also be a commentary on the role of the media, the tv and radio stations, the daily newspapers and magazines, on the way they are presenting the actions and events. We have the opinion that an exchange of different critical perspecives is crucial in a time, where usually not more than only one perspective comes into sight. Only a few feminist statements have been published till now.

We propose the following project:

Videoinitiatives and interested women respectively prepare a 3-minutes statement on video. Till now we have addressed initiatives/women from India, Pakistan, Palastine, Switzerland, Greece, Chiapas, Guatemala, Senegal, Spain and the US. 3 minutes, this could be a short interview with a woman, but also other footage, shot by yourself or found in tv and prepared with a commentary. The participants send these 3 minutes video footage (if possible miniDV, otherwise VHS) to the undermentioned address. There, the different statements will be collected, sampled on one cassette, multiplied and send back to each one of the participants. All participating groups/women decide on their own, how they want to use and to publish the material. Maybe certain statements seem to be useful for their special context or interests, others not. They decide which kind of collage they are going to produce, if they are going to show it at an event or on the verge of a demonstration.

We ask you to participate in this project! Please write back, if you can take part. If possible, please send the first 3 minutes before november 1st to the following address:

Anne Frisius
Lausitzer Strasse 9
D-10999 Berlin

If you know other groups or women, who want to participate in this project, we propose the following procedure to make things more easier: you ask these groups/women to send the material to your address and you than send it to Berlin together with your own material.

Majlis, Frauen Film- und Rechtshilfeprojekt, Bombay
Frauen-Lesben-Filmcollectif Berlin
Renate Lorenz, Pauline Boudry, Brigitta Kuster, clipclub, Berlin
Merle Kröger, Berlin
Carole Roussopoulos, Paris/Sion