In the Women Videoletters different groups, initiatives and individuals from all over the world present their views on war and globalization.

The idea for the project Women Videoletters – A Second Text on War came up at a meeting of women video activists from India, Germany, Mexico and Switzerland in October 2001 in Berlin as a feminist answer to the media reporting after September 11th. The second edition of the Women Videoletters in January 2004 was extended by a critical stance towards globalization in general. The Women Videoletters were shown at political actions, festivals and other events, e.g. at the World Social Forum in Mumbai in January 2005.

We are a group of women video activists coordinating the project from Berlin and currently working on the third edition of the Women Videoletters. Our group has gone through some changes. At present we are four women with German, Iranian and Russian backgrounds. We see ourselves as part of the feminist movements without being affiliated to any official party or institution.