Second edition (2004)

| call for contributions (5')

| letter from Israel (7')
about the idea of and the first steps towards founding an Israeli–Palestinian media project.

| letter from Berlin/WSF Mumbai (9')
the coordinator of the lesbian–gay–bi–transgender south–south dialogue, as well as two representatives of a lesbian group from Puna, India, a feminist political scientist and a feminist activist from Delhi at the World Social Forum in Mumbai 2004 discuss the interdependence of globalization, nationalism, and sexuality.

| letter from Germany (8')
a Kurdish Iraqi woman in exile and a German peace activist are portrayed with their different perspectives on war and German asylum politics.

| letter from Argentina/Germany (3')
a woman who fled Argentina and currently lives in the Netherlands writes a letter about her experience of flight and seeking asylum in different European countries and about her memories of ‘feeling like a parcel’.

| letter from Chiapas, Mexico (8')
the video collective filmadoras from San Cristobal shows successful resistance to new trade regulations at the WTO summit in Cancun, Mexico, 2003, and especially the role of feminists thereby.

| letter from Turkey (14')
three resistance fighters against the military dictatorship in Turkey let us experience through their recollections of their time in prison what it means to live as a political prisoner.

| letter from Uruguay (4')
the clip advertises the action ‘open your mouth’ for resistance towards any fundamentalisms.

| letter from Palestine (10')
a woman from the Westbank relates her struggle as a woman for her right to education and the free choice of husband to the struggles against occupation.

| letter from Berlin/Palestine/Israel (6')
Rauda Morcos, who founded the first lesbian Palestinian group Aswat speaks on the difficulty to oppose a three–fold oppression: as a woman, as a Palestinian, and as a Lesbian.

| letter from Pakistan (3')
Rawa (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) demonstrates against the war in Iraq.

| letter from Iraq/USA (10')
Yanar Mohamad, who founded the first women’s organization in ‘postwar’–Iraq (Organization of Women’s Freedom), shows how deprivation and violence against women in Iraq is being produced by the occupation forces that allegedly came to liberate the women.

First Edition (2002)

| War Does Not Destroy Terrorism – War Creates Terrorism
Bombay (Majlis, 2001, 3')

| Gegen jede patriarchale Kriegslogik, Unterdrückung und Ausbeutung. Gegen jeden Sieg. Für ein Leben in Würde und Freiheit. Für Alle, Berlin
(FrauenLesbenFilmCollectif 2001, 5')
Against any Patriarchal War–logics, Oppression and Exploitation. Against any Victory. For a Life in Dignity and Freedom. For All.

| Cynthia Enloe: The Militarization of my Thoughts, USA
(Liz Miller 2001, 3')

| Amrita Basu: A Policy of Uncertainty, USA
(Noella Natalino, Liz Miller 2001, 3')

| Voces de mujeres contra la guerra. México – Voices of Women against War, Chiapas, Mexico (Ana Hernández 2001, 21')